Dental Implants

Dental Implants Brooklyn Heights

Dental Implants

Implants for Teeth Brooklyn Heights

At Creative Dentistry of Brooklyn Heights, we provide the highest quality dental implants, allowing you to speak, eat, and smile without hesitation. Unlike traditional dentures, dental implants actually replace tooth roots, fusing with your jaw bone to provide unparalleled support for both fixed and removable replacement teeth. This also helps to prevent the sunken look associated with dentures, which is caused by bone loss when the tooth roots are no longer present. Dental implants osseointegrate into the jaw, effectively tricking the body into believing that the tooth roots are still there.

Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures Brooklyn Heights

Removable implant supported dentures are the least expensive way to replace multiple teeth in a secure manner. With as few as two dental implants, the denture can “snap” into place, making it far more stable and secure than a traditional denture. The removable denture can still be taken out for cleaning or sleeping, if desired.

Implant Supported Bridge

Implant Supported Bridge Brooklyn Heights

Easy to care for, an implant supported bridge is an excellent choice to replace three or more adjacent missing teeth. Like a traditional dental bridge, the implant supported bridge remains fixed in place. However, it is supported by a dental implant at each end, preventing the need to destroy healthy tooth structure by preparing the teeth to support a bridge.

“All on Four”

Full Arch with Only 4 Implants Brooklyn Heights

The “All on Four” is an innovative solution for those who are missing all of their teeth on the top, bottom, or both. Using only four implants, the All on Four design supports an entire arch of replacement teeth. Whereas traditional dental implants require a period of healing during which you must wear a traditional denture, the All on Four is an immediate-load solution, meaning that you can leave the same day with a full set of permanently attached teeth.