Dental Crowns Brooklyn Heights

We work with the finest dental lab – our lab has created over 500,000 beautiful crowns known for their excellent fit, strength, durability and aesthetics. In addition, every restoration is created under a microscope for the ultimate in masterful accuracy and beauty.

Broken, worn down teeth – they can be painful, and make chewing difficult. Sometimes they even cause an imbalance in your bite leading to the pain of TMJ disorder. That’s when you need the superior strength and beauty of Dr. Bellafiore’s porcelain or porcelain fused to gold dental crowns.

Using the newest technology and highest quality materials, Dr. Bellafiore can restore severely damaged or broken teeth using pure porcelain crowns that create a beautiful and and natural looking smile. Our choice of E-Max crowns means that our patients get excellent fit, strength, durability and esthetics.

For select patients who opt for the beauty and functional stability of Gold for their back tooth restorations, we use ADA approved TYPE II, III and IV High Noble Alloy.