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Cosmetic dentistry includes any and all procedures that help perfect your smile so you feel more confident. At Creative Dentistry of Brooklyn Heights in Brooklyn Heights, New York, the skilled dental team has many years of cosmetic dentistry experience and offers procedures that range from simple teeth whitening to rehabilitating the look of your entire smile. Call today to learn more about how cosmetic dentistry can help you look and feel your best or use the online tool to schedule a consultation.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

What cosmetic dentistry treatments are available?

The team at Creative Dentistry of Brooklyn Heights can help you achieve the attractive, flashable smile you’ve always dreamed of. 

Treatments available include:


These super thin sheets of porcelain cover the fronts of your teeth to smooth out your smile. If you have misshapen, discolored, or gapped teeth, veneers create uniformity so your smile is beautiful. 

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening with the Venus® whitening system can lighten your teeth by 10 shades in just one appointment. It’s most effective on discoloration caused by aging, diet, and tobacco use.

Dental implants

Dental implants are a reliable replacement for missing teeth. A metal post surgically implanted into your jaw bone holds a porcelain crown that looks and functions just like your natural teeth. 

Porcelain crowns

Crowns are tooth “caps” that sit over an existing tooth to add strength and discourage decay. They can also cover up cosmetic problems like cracks, chips, discoloration, and irregular size. 

Laser gum recontouring

Laser gum recontouring improves the look of a “gummy smile” by removing excess tissue and creating an even, attractive gumline. 


Invisalign clear aligners fit discreetly over your teeth and gently shift them into a more desirable position, correcting crookedness, gaps, and bite problems. 

Full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is a multi-step process that includes several cosmetic dentistry procedures to give your smile an enviable look. 

Are cosmetic dentistry procedures necessary?

Cosmetic dentistry procedures aren’t usually medically necessary, but the changes to your smile can have a dramatic impact on your health. Cosmetic corrections greatly improve your self-esteem and confidence. 

Plus, straighter, more uniform teeth are easier to take care of with good dental hygiene. And when your smile looks good, you may be more motivated to make sure you’re brushing and flossing regularly. 

How do I know which cosmetic dentistry procedures are right for me?

Schedule a consultation with a member of the Creative Dentistry of Brooklyn Heights dental team to learn more about the cosmetic dentistry procedures offered and how they can help reform your smile. The dentists can help you determine if teeth-whitening or veneers is the best approach for your discoloration and whether Invisalign aligners can correct your bite. Trust the experts when it comes to your smile.

Call Creative Dentistry of Brooklyn Heights to schedule your cosmetic dentistry appointment or use the online tool to book.