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When you need to have a cavity filled, depend on the team at Creative Dentistry of Brooklyn Heights for excellent dental care. With state-of-the-art tools and techniques, the dental team can gently relieve your pain, clean and fill your cavity, and restore your oral health. To schedule your filling appointment, call the office in Brooklyn Heights, New York, for an appointment or request your visit online today.

Fillings Q & A

What is a filling?

A filling is just what its name implies — a way to fill a cavity or decayed area on a tooth. Fillings restore your tooth’s normal form and function.

Before filling your cavity, your dentist at Creative Dentistry of Brooklyn Heights meticulously removes the decayed area in the tooth and cleans it thoroughly. They pack the cavity with filling material and seal the tooth.

What types of fillings are available?

Creative Dentistry of Brooklyn Heights uses tooth-colored fillings to restore your bite and tooth function after a cavity. These natural-looking fillings contain composite resin materials that the team matches to the color of your neighboring teeth. 

To place a tooth-colored filling, the team applies the composite material in layers. This allows each layer to adhere to the chewing surfaces of your tooth for maximum protection. After every application, the team uses a special curing light to harden the composite resin. 

Tooth-colored fillings require less of your natural tooth structure to be removed than traditional amalgam (silver) fillings because they can reach every crevice of your tooth.

If appearance is important to you, composite fillings are your best choice. Though durable, composite resin fillings are most durable in small to mid-sized cavities. 

Is it painful to get a filling?

It’s normal to be anxious about getting a filling or having dental work done. That’s why Creative Dentistry of Brooklyn Heights provides a soothing environment along with cutting-edge tools and technology to help you relax. With the Waterlase® laser, the team can provide a more comfortable experience that results in less pain and discomfort than traditional drilling techniques.

What happens during a filling appointment?

First, your dentist makes tiny injections around your tooth and gums to numb the area for the procedure. 

After your dentist fills and seals the tooth, you are free to resume your normal activities. You may be a little sore and have a small ache near the tooth for a day or two, but it’s mild and is manageable with ibuprofen and rest.

To clean and fill your cavity, call Creative Dentistry of Brooklyn Heights for an appointment or book with the online scheduling tool today.